Wedding Abroad Insurance Conquering The Three Wedding Vow Fears

It’s safe to say that your wedding day is probably the most important day of your life. It is the day when you officially join your life with that of your life partner. Making this day memorable is one thing. Making it the truly bonding an unforgettable experience is something else. One of the biggest challenges on your wedding day is to actually ‘be there’. Most couples are so stressed out and worried that their whole focus is on what can still go wrong and on whether they forgot something, that they are never really in the moment to truly soak it up.

One of the biggest distractions on the big wedding day is the moment of the ceremony when you deliver your wedding vows. Delivering your wedding vows is a truly special and very emotional experience when you confess your vow to your life partner in front of all your loved ones. For most couples this is something they fear doing most, not because they don’t want to or because they don’t love their partner, but simply because of idea of bearing their soul in front of all those people. There are three big fears connected to wedding vows that can really spoil the adventure of your wedding day. These fears need not interfere, even if you are not good at public speaking. Fear Number One: What if my vows are not good enough?

Although it’s true that we are not all born with Shakespeare’s talent for words, we can all write what’s really in our hearts. It is never the actual words that count. It’s about being sincere and being genuine. Simple words usually hit the homerun. Don’t try and be over the top, especially if it’s not part of your personality. The first and the golden rule is to be yourself. Don’t use words and language that’s not ‘you’. Wedding vows that come straight from your heart and tries to express your true feelings will be great. The best wedding vows are the one’s that say what you really feel. Fear Number Two: Just look at all those people! Studies have shown that more than 65% of people have a genuine fear of talking in front of people. The thought of having all the attention on you opens y up to criticism and judgment and this is what most people fear more than anything else.

Fortunately, since this is your wedding day, all the attention is already on you. Remember that when you deliver your wedding vows, you are talking to your partner and NOT to your family and loved ones. Your wedding vows should be nothing but formalizing what you tell your partner everyday. When you write your wedding vows to impress the people attending the wedding instead of your partner, you are inviting a disaster. Fear Number Three: What if I break down and can’t get a word out? The wedding day tends to be a day filled with emotion. For most, the emotion usually spills over into tears (of joy), blushing, dry mouth, and shaking that prevents them from even getting a single word out.

You don’t want to spend all that time writing your wedding vows and not even get to say them properly. Concentrate only on your vows and how much you love the person to whom you are making those vows. Look your partner straight in the eye and don’t break eye contact. Not only will this comfort you, but also help you to forget about the crowd of people that are causing you to feel that nervous in the first place. With regards to dry mouth, drink lots of water beforehand, and try not to think about it. As long as you concentrate on what you’re doing, instead of the fact that you are blushing, shaking, or have a dry mouth, they will actually begin to resolve themselves quite quickly. Make sure that you are well prepared and if you absolutely have to you can write your vows down.

Remember that fear is only imaginary. Prepare your wedding vows well in advance. Be true to yourself and your feelings. Write it from your heart. Write it to your partner and not the audience. Memorize it and then go and enjoy the day. Don’t allow nervousness to ruin the enjoyment of the whole day.

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