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Budget Wedding Gifts

Weddings can be such lovely, joyful affairs, and staying out of debt attending them can be a feat in itself for many families. From airfare to accommodations and garb to gifts, fancy weddings can be quite expensive. As many families tighten their budgets to better afford gas and groceries, gift giving is taking a hit […]

Money Mondays: Saving for College

The video to your left is a Brady Bunch parody about a family who needs help with their college fund for their nine children.  If you watch, at the end, you will see the Upromise logo.  What the heck is Upromise?  Glad you asked, because that’s what will help you in your quest to save […]

Wednesday’s Wisdom: Retirement or College Fund?

Have you ever become overwhelmed at the thought that you are supposed to be saving for your own retirement, and then realized that you technically should be saving for your children’s college expenses, too? Sometimes, different situations arise that cause you to not be able to save for either one, let alone both.  So, in […]

Grocery Bargains – Food Staple: Rice

There are five main items that I include in my big monthly shopping trip that help to stretch our food budget. With a family of seven I need to cut all the corners I can. About 30 minutes away from us is a store called Cash n Carry that has restaurant supplies in bulk available […]